your professional partner in USA

SALES MANAGEMENT: Our priority task is to provide a smooth introduction of manufacturer’s products into the North American market and to provide a strategy on how to stay competitive. With our broad network of multiple Reps (=sales agencies) in each state/area, we will identify the right Reps to represent manufacturer’s products. We visit the Reps on a regular basis and partner up in attending customers visits and sales calls together with the Reps. Presentations of products along with samples of manufacturer’s lighting fixtures are presented during all visits.

The North American lighting market is saturated with standard and commodity products, but still has abundance of room for other specific products. We identify if your products are those that specifiers will appreciate and specify, depending on design, price and functionality.

PRODUCT TRAINING: Sending catalogues only is not sufficient to support the sales force. We personally introduce and provide intensive product training to the Rep’s entire sales team, to equip them with well-rounded product knowledge and familiarity, which enables them to confidently present in front of the specifiers. We train them with samples and provide well prepared presentations in order to raise their enthusiasm and interest to promote your products.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: USALightings’ customer service is fast and competent because we are the direct link between Reps and manufacturer. No layers in between delay or delude answers, information flow is fast and straight. We will inform the Reps when to expect their queries to be answered if the information is not immediate since we understand the unknown waiting mode can be quite frustrating. This is crucial as the Reps have high demand on superior customer service and are very sensitive on responsive turnaround time.

CONSULTING: We offer a unique alternative to the typical “European Manufacturer – North America importer” model, which will result in higher sales performance and stronger partnership. Manufacturers will need to fulfill certain criteria in order to drive this new business model to success. With our well-rounded industry experience, we will guide and support manufacturers to fulfill all the specific needs and requirements to enter and to succeed in the North American market (such as UL/ETL certification, literature and etc…).