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ETL/UL Approval Overview

  • To really do business in USA and Canada, your products need UL or ETL approval. Unless you have that, you will only be able to sell to showrooms, but not get into the specification market. The showroom business in North America is very limited and much smaller than in Europe.
  • This UL or ETL certificate is comparable to the European CE, but requires a bit more effort.
  • UL and ETL are two different companies who test your products under the same standards. They do practically the same, so you can choose with which one to go, depending on several factors that USALightings will be happy to evaluate together with you. Both companies have several offices throughout Europe.
  • THE GOOD NEWS: LED lighting has made it easier and more affordable to get UL/ETL approval!
  • ANOTHER GOOD NEWS: more and more European suppliers of components (LED drivers, cables, lamp holders, ballasts) offer UL/ETL labeled products. That facilitates UL/ETL adaptations for your production manager and purchase department.
  • The time frame for getting UL/ETL approval is about three to six months.
  • Cost depends on how many fixtures you want to get approval for, and if they can be put together in “groups” and how many groups there will be.
  • USALightings has experience with this matter and provides professional consultation for manufacturers to be successful from the beginning to the end of the process.