your professional partner in USA

General US Market Info

  • The US specification market is similar to the European market in terms of distribution channel. Specifier- Manufacturer-Wholesaler-Contractor-End Customer, they all exist and have the same roles as in Europe.
  • In Europe, the distribution to all the individual European countries mostly happens through importers. In USA, this happens through Representative Agencies, called Reps, in the individual states.
  • The biggest barrier for foreign manufacturers is that lighting fixtures, in order to get specified, need UL or ETL certification. Please refer to the drop down menu to gain more info about that.

US Market Needs

  • The North American market is saturated with commodity products, like standard downlights.
  • Many US manufacturers of DESIGN LIGHTING suffer from a lack of innovation and creativity.
  • There is a strong demand for innovative decorative lighting, as well as innovative technical-decorative fixtures. Especially US lighting designers and architects love European fixtures, but often struggle with too high prices from importers or with non-certified UL/ETL approved products. This leaves a gap.
  • USALightings is your partner to close this gap by placing your products in this high demand and short supply market.
  • We do so by closely working with Representative Agencies (=Reps) to identify the right product fit per customer and market demand. Reps are the local sales force who educate, consult and influence the relevant specifiers on manufacturers’ product portfolio.